Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weekend Wrapup: First Camping Trip of the Season

This past weekend, Sean and I packed up the hoopty and off we went to Samuel P. taylor State Park for two nights of "roughin' it". And oh! how we rough it was!

After setting up the campsite, we headed into Olema for a schmancy dinner at the Olema Inn Restaurant. Super-scrumptious, many of their dishes' ingredients are entirely harvested in the Point Reyes area. We began with 8 oysters, of 4 different taste sensations. Next, we shared a pea shoot salad with sliced and roasted almonds, avocado, beets, and chevre in a light and tangy vinegarette. Sean had a tuna tartare dish as his main, which was intermixed with avocado and kumquat, and impressively molded into a disc shape, topped with wanton crunchies. I opted for the risotto- fresh green peas (I swear you would think they were dyed- they were so green!) and locally-foraged chanterelles. So good! Dessert brought Sean a berry-topped cheesecake and for me, panna cotta- the best I'd ever had- with a grapefruit/fennel/honey accoutrement that was pretty good but that Sean didn't particularly care for. 5 stars! Even more stars because the food quality and presentation were top-notch, but you don't have to dress up- this is my favorite combination. I hate dressing up for the privelage of paying $100 for dinner.
The picture above was taken on the hike we took on the Bear Valley trailhead. I think Sean was delirious from exhaustion!
We also met Heather and Michael last weekend. We got to tour Michael's familys' new house in Nicasio, and shared meals at the Station House Cafe and at Nick's Cove. . . a new restaurant for me and Sean. When I see the pictures Michael took of all of us with Boo, I'll be sure to post them to the blog.
In the meantime, Happy Trails to YOU!

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pbrownie said...

Sounds like a very cool meal... Mom would cringe at the avacado. I am hoping ro some kumquats this winter off my miniture tree!