Thursday, July 10, 2008

Poverty Meal in Sacramento

So, last night Campbell, Sean and I tried to eat dinner at Ernesto's mexican restaurant in downtown, only because Sean and I got $70 in gift certificates for our wedding that we were saving until we were too poor to go out to eat. Which, or course, was yesterday. I don't get paid until Friday, Cammie wasn't going to be paid until today, and poor Sean doesn't get his paycheck until (gasp!) tuesday. So using a gift card for dinner would be a good idea, something to lull us into thinking we weren't actually poor. But no!

Despite our excellent parking karma, Ernesto's had a 35-minute wait, on Wednesday night at 7? weird. A crowd was gathered in the opening alcove, and since it was so hot and there was no space at the bar to have a drink and wait, my impatience took over and I decided we should go somewhere else for dinner, even if it meant using the seldom-used credit card. Which we keep around for fiscal emergencies, when it's too hot to cook, you feel sick, and have already spent your meager earnings on other essentials.

I voted for Pluto's, Sean voted for sushi, so the deciding vote went to Cammie, who rightly chose Pluto's. Cammie and I had "side" salads- which covered the dinner plate and formed a nice salad mountain-and foccacia bread, which had a lot of rosemary and was super-yummy. Sean had their sandwich special- kind of a french dip with cheese which reportedly was mediocre, but he graciously shared his spicy garlic fries with the salad-grazers. Coupled with a honey mustard, the fries made the meal.

Cammie treated us to yogurt at Big Spoon, also in the mall. We both agree that cheesecake bites are the best topping there, although they often are torn to shreds by the spoon and end up sticking together in the bowl. But they still taste good!

Altogether, a great meal with excellent company. I look forward to going to Disneyland with Cammie, Heather and (hopefully) Miss Acacia, where we will no doubt sample the fine dishes served at the Carnation Plaza Character Breakfast Buffet, the French Market, and Napoli in Downtown Disney! And churros for a nighttime treat, pineapple whip at the Tiki House for a midday heat-abating snack. Look for a post on our Disney adventure in a few weeks!