Thursday, September 10, 2009

Amelia is a stone-faced Killer.

So last night during a bout of insomnia, I awoke and wandered out to the front room for a movie lullaby. I noticed the front porch light was on, which Sean and I decided we'd use as a tool to make sure all kitties are in for the night. We'll leave the porch light on if we know one or both kitties are outside, and we'll turn off the light only when all kitties are inside again.

I opened the door to invite Amelia back in the house, only to find a huge (HUGE!) rat, dead on the porch about a foot from the door. Completely disgusting. Of course, the ruthless killer didn't want to come back inside- she had fled the scene of the crime. A similar murder occurred with the prior body killed in the same fashion and left in the exact same place on the front porch, about 2 months ago. Only the victim in crime #1 was a small mouse, not a one-pound-plus rat. I think I've been watching too many Dexter episodes on Netflix, but nevertheless, I think I've solved the rodent killer mystery.

Please note that while I normally like to include pictures in my posts, I have spared my viewers the horror of viewing evidence from the crime scene.