Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Success! Apology from iResQ and a full refund on the way

Hooray for persistence, the amazing webspace that brings together friends, family and strangers, and the eventual triumph of customer service. The general manager of iResQ called and left me a humbling apology and offered a full refund of the money I paid to get my iphone's screen replaced. He was couteous, humbled, and apologetic about my prior experiences with the customer service department at iResQ . . . he in no way endorsed the attempt of another iResQ employee to retract his offer of a partial refund unless I removed my "letter of complaint" from my blog. . . . I was assured he will continue to work with his customer service department so this deplorable situation won't happen again.

Thanks to all of you who read my blog postings, commented, or empathized with my outrage! I hope this experience has turned into a learning one for a company which has a lot to lose by failing to make their advertised service turnaround times, providing less-than-adequate customer service and sending veiled threats to blog authors.

BTW, I hope to receive my precious iphone via UPS today . . . . I cannot wait!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I hate IResQ

Update in iResQ:
After some excessive “fact-checking” on their part, iResQ removed the diagnostic fee and overnight shipping charges from the bill, but not the cost to actually repair my phone. I agreed, finally, because it was obvious that this was the closest thing to customer service they were willing to provide. However, even though I already expect piss-poor customer service from iResQ, today they’ve exceeded my expectations. Today iResQ threatened to “rescind the refunds” UNLESS I REMOVED MY BLOG POST.Short of libel, independent consumers have every right to express anger and dissatisfaction with businesses that fail their expectations. iResQ’s blatant attempt to stifle negative feedback is completely unacceptable.

Since I know iResQ is reading this, let me address them directly: iResQ - If you cannot provide the service turnaround times promised on your website and by your customer service representatives, stop advertising them! As an “authorized service provider”, you should be grateful if I stop short of filing a complaint with Apple directly. Consumers deserve to hear the good, bad, and ugly about potential service providers. I’ve given you partial credit for a partial refund. You have responded with threats. You’ve already lost me as a customer, and I will leave this thread up as a notice to my friends, family, and anyone else who would consider using your “service.”


Okay, so you all have seen my iphone post about the screen shattering, etc. iResQ has a guarantee that they will fix your broken iphone the day it arrives. Well, it had been over a week, I upgraded to overnight shipping, and it still hadn't arrived. Finally, I call customer service, the representative went to the back where they fix the phones, and IT STILL HASN'T BEEN FIXED! I am SOOO frustrated! And all this, when there has been zero communication from iResQ to me. No phone call, sayting it is taking them longer to fix it, and they'll get it to me ASAP. Nada.

My recommendation? Don;'t ever send your iphone to iResQ. ever. I hate iResQ.

below is a copy of my email "letter of compaint" that I sent to iResQ.

I recently called your customer service line to ask about the status of my iphone, which I mailed to your office on Tuesday, January 27th using overnight express mail via USPS. I was expecting the 24-hour turnaround that your website promised, and thought that at the latest, I could expect my phone on Friday, January 30th. It is now February 5th, and I still don’t have my phone back, even after I upgraded to overnight shipping. And, to top it off, I have received no further communication from anyone at iResQ letting me know that my phone repair has been delayed, and that the 24-hr turnaround time for servicing my phone could not be met.

I called your customer service line, and the representative went to check on my phone, and it still hasn’t been fixed, even after you’ve had it for over a week. While the customer service guy was as polite as could be, it does not remedy the situation where repair and delivery of my phone takes over a week longer than advertised, from a company who prides themselves on same-day service.

It is very frustrating to be without my phone for now, almost 2 weeks. I use it for personal calls, sms, work calendar and meeting planning, and business email. While I am seething and really want to complain to the Better Business Bureau, writing negative reviews to my blog site, etc., I would like to give you the opportunity to remedy the situation by not charging me for the cost to repair and return my phone to me via overnight shipping. I would like it very much if you could do this for me.

Please feel free to contact me about my request via email at

daytime phone at

Or at my husband’s cellphone after business hours at xxx-xxx-xxxx

Thank you.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Steeler Win = No Laundry for a Week

Neither one of us were too jazzed about the teams participating in the "world championship" of football yesterday, but we made a freindly wager nevertheless. After a minute of throught, we decided to wager doing all of the laundry for the week (including the backlog) single-handedly, with all the laundry being cleaned, folded or hung, and put away by the weekend. I was partial to the Steelers because it was Arizona who defeated my beloved Philly Eagles 2 weeks prior. the Steelers win effectively exhonerated me from helping out with the laundry for the week. Go Steelers! That'll make a football fan out of anyone.