Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Success! Apology from iResQ and a full refund on the way

Hooray for persistence, the amazing webspace that brings together friends, family and strangers, and the eventual triumph of customer service. The general manager of iResQ called and left me a humbling apology and offered a full refund of the money I paid to get my iphone's screen replaced. He was couteous, humbled, and apologetic about my prior experiences with the customer service department at iResQ . . . he in no way endorsed the attempt of another iResQ employee to retract his offer of a partial refund unless I removed my "letter of complaint" from my blog. . . . I was assured he will continue to work with his customer service department so this deplorable situation won't happen again.

Thanks to all of you who read my blog postings, commented, or empathized with my outrage! I hope this experience has turned into a learning one for a company which has a lot to lose by failing to make their advertised service turnaround times, providing less-than-adequate customer service and sending veiled threats to blog authors.

BTW, I hope to receive my precious iphone via UPS today . . . . I cannot wait!


pbrownie said...

Who says blogs don't matter.. it seems that we now have a very powerful voice

Kellyann Brown said...

I find it funny that iResQ is so threatened by your blog. It would seem that their over-the-top threats actually got them MORE negative publicity. Simply caring for you when you called the first time would have gotten them kudos, I'm sure.

On the other hand, in true Libra fashion, I can remember when I worked for Medic Alert on the phone lines and 90% of the calls were because people hadn't gotten the products that they ordered because the company hadn't anticipated the growth in their industry by increasing the size of their production department. I know that iphones can be troublesome, two of my friends are currently having difficulties with theirs, so I can only imagine how many iphone iResQ has to fix right now! Perhaps they should read Senge's "Fifth Discipline" about anticipating and reacting to small and large tweaks in production demand.

Way to go Linzi! I'm really glad you stood your ground!