Friday, March 20, 2009

animals are good subjects for blogs

A little "new" news on the Brown-Catanese animule farm. Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting Sean's friend Phil's beautiful feline named Stella. While at first she proved full of spitfire, over the course of 3 days she really warmed up to me. Sean, however, has the scars to prove he didn't get the privelage of ever calling her a friend during her brief stay with us.

In other news, starting a few weeks ago, a pretty grey dove took up residence in an alcove underneath the roof of the porch. The alcove seemed to be too small, though, because eventually she lost her nest and the eggs that were in in. Then, after a one week hiatus, she has returned and seems to be doing fine, with her nest in the same spot as before. She is one beautiful bird! This picture doesn't do her justice, I hope you can still pick her out.


pbrownie said...

Thanks one handsome looking tuxedo cat!

catsynth said...

I came to your site after looking for reviews on iPhone glass repair. Who knew I would also find a cute tuxedo cat as the headliner :)