Monday, April 6, 2009

There's a new kitty in my life

Introducing Ameilia!

Amelia is a 4 year old tabby/tortie mix (called a Torby at the Sacramento SPCA). We tried out 3 beautiful girls Sunday morning, and I picked Amelia as our new housemate! Right now, she's in the kitty sequestering room, but she will probably have her "coming out" to Nermal, family and friends this weekend. Amelia is friendly and a little playful, but also enjoys making biscuits on the red fleece blanket and curling up for a nap. A few days ago, our Dove parents who have been nesting in an alcove on the porch hatched their babies, and they've been of interest to Amelia, who can see them from the cat condo and windowsill.

Sean and I had discussed getting another cat for a few weeks, and had just not taken the plunge until this weekend. In my opinion, Nermal appears indifferent. . . and that, I think, is a very good sign. Nermal turns 15 years old this spring and while Sean and I sought to provide her with feline companionship for her Golden Years, we also want to make sure there's not too much adolescent energy around!


Serolynne said...

Congratulations guys! Amelia is beautiful. Can't wait to meet her. Enjoy new-kittyness!

pbrownie said...

She is a looker.. great photos.

Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous!