Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday catblogging! (Sorry for the delay)

Friday was crazy-hectic with me being at an off-site meeting for most of the work day, and leaving work early to do some last-minute organizing (gasp!) for the camping trip. And so, with great anticipation. . . is Monday catblogging!

To the left is Amelia. . . with the fuzzy catnip pineapple in her mouth! Twice last night, she fetched the pineapple, carried it over to me and hopped on the couch, then dropped the pineapple before me. . . what a good girl! She even played "fetch" with Sean once- he threw it, and she retrieved it! Sadly, it was a one-time-only feat, but at least I captured a bit of it in the picture, as you can see the pineapple is in her clenches!

In the second photo, you can see that Nermal is not amused. We really need to get a few more pineapples going- both kittehs prefer the pineapple to the gay pride catnip raindow, and prefer the pineapple to any other toy, as a matter of fact.


pbrownie said...

viva la pineapple!

Kellyann Brown said...

I laughed at Nermal not being amused. Zak was not amused at Zaybel's kittenish play with his toys. When I cleaned out a closet, I found ALL of the cat toys where Zak has stashed them, under the crack in the closet door... I mean like FIFTEEN cat toys! Poor Zaybel!