Monday, November 10, 2008

May I take your ticket, please?

I was honored by the experience of becoming an Amtrak intern yesterday on the Capitol Corridor. I was outfitted with a cool "conductor" hat, and got to take tickets from the many Raiders fans headed to yesterday's staggering defeat. They were a rowdy, but very fun bunch! I also got to make a few announcements over the intercom, and my conductor friend Kevin said I should try to channel a deeper louder voice, I think to jar the sleepyheads awake so they didn't miss their stops! I also got to take the little pastel tags above people's seats and remind them that "__" is the next stop. It was a lot of fun, hopefully Kevin will decide I make a worthy Amtrak apprentice and continue my internship!
Photo credits: Kevin, for taking the photo, and Dad, for lessening the red in Photoshop.


Kellyann Brown said...

Cool Hat, Linz, I love a girl in uniform! ::Smile:: Sounds like a ton of fun!

pbrownie said...

al.......l aboard!

: ) Dad