Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Stellar 4th Place Finish!

Last night was the final night of my 12-week bowling leaugue, comprised of planners, architects, and environmental analysts. The league is called PUDL- the Planning and Urban Development League, and we've been playing at Capitol Lanes in West Sacramento, where the blinking bar lights blend in with the signs for less-than-legitimate motels. After our initial 12th place out of 12 teams standing, we've risen like foam on a pale ale to finish in 4th place! While Julie is usually our best player, last night Shalini scored highest on our team. After 4 rounds, we were exhausted! I will probably seek to improve my scores when league begins again in September. Wish me some turkeys!


pbrownie said...

You go girl. What fun, Pappa

Heather said...

PUDL, that is too adorable. shake it sis!