Friday, June 13, 2008

Cousin's Wine and Dine at Ella

So, Campbell had a great idea- lets meet up for Sacramento's week of prix-fix meals coupled with a wine flight, called "Wine and Dine". We chose Ella because they had fish selections in addition to the usual chicken or beef options, and because it's a new restaurant (opened about 6 months ago). The interior was fabulous! Inviting atmosphere, really nice lounge/waiting area with fancy modern (yet comfortable!) couches, and nice touches such as white cake pedastols and white vases as decoration.

The first course was really great- a lobster bisque with largish chinks of delicious lobster. Coupled with the soup was a sauvignon blanc from Easton winery in the foothills of the Sierra, which was crisp and delicious. The second course left both of us a little bewildered. Salmon with fava and corn (okay, sounds good. . . . ) but flavored heavily with huge chunks of ham? Needless to say, this one was bizarre, and the wine course didn't help it much. The grenache chosen to couple with the entree tasted unlike a granache, and more like a merlot mixed with port- no, seriously, it was a sweet, red wine. Ugh. It also didn't look like a grenache- it looked like port, even! Not to be a wine snob or anything.

The brownie and ice cream dessert was super tasty, and the chocolate flavor was rich and complex, so that balanced out a poor main course selection. However, the Muscat wine they served was on th sweet side for a Muscat. . I briefly entertained the notion of toning it down with a splash of water. the flavor was good, though.

Ella is a really fancy restaurant, and I expected the quality to be a little better than what I got for $50. I think next time I want a nice dinner out, I'll stick with Biba, or try a new place.


pbrownie said...

Your description looks very complete. I enjoyed it. Ham and salmon? That is bizzarrrre. Thanks for your review.
: ) Dad

Campbell said...

the other cousin weighs in here:

Anonymous said...

I am loving seeing the pictures and glimpses into your life, though I wish you were on LJ so it would be easier to keep up with you.

*love you*

- Chris

chicagophotophreak said...

Nice pictures, but the one on your profile (entitled "Cali Girl With Corn") reveals much more about your true inner self. That photographer, in my humble opinion, is a photographic genius...