Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Catblogging- June 12

Last night as I was making up the futon for Barry's overnight visit, Ameilia thought she'd make herself at home and "help out mommy" by laying all over the bed. Yeah, well, it wasn't exactly helping me out, but it did pile on the cuteness and mama couldn't resist snapping a few pics. I guess her bahavior is fair, since the front room was originally the kitteh sequestering room, and she had it all to herself for her first three weeks after adoption. In that way, she's just re-asserting herself, and who could blame her for that?

Sadly, the 2007 version of MicroSoft piece-of-shit software installed on my work computer isn't letting me save pics from my phone, so please check again later tonight- I'll add cute Ameilia pics to this posting from my home computer!

Updated. . .yea!


Michael said...

Your description of your kitty "helping out mommy" is so endearing. Those of us with our own sweet kits have had this experience frequently.

pbrownie said...

She is the queen of her domain!