Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Catblogging, part three

This morning Nermal was munching on a custom blend of Whiskas from the packet, combined with a mushed-up chicken-flavored cat treat with incorporated thyroid-gland medication. 3 days ago when I tried to give Nerms the treat straight-up, she ate it and immediately puked twice- once on her mama's precious dining table and once on the floor, so you can see why I'm trying to mix it in with the wet food! Sadly, Nermal needs to eat more and yesterday while at the vet for Amelia's leukemia booster, I was told that apparently Amelia needs to eat less or maintain her weight, so I guess we'll experiment with wet and dry food for a while until we can get the right amount of food for each kitteh.
While this was happening, Amelia was laying claim to precious bed real estate. Anytime Sean or I wander into the bedroom, she follows us (or sometimes runs ahead of us) and jumps on the bed for loves. I love that!

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pbrownie said...

Great catblogging!